• Nov 11, 2014
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Easy Holiday Centerpieces

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The holidays are stressful enough. Don't stress over your holiday centerpiece. Here are some easy to pull off ideas for your next dinner party.


Candles are simple and elegant for a holiday table. And who doesn’t look great in candle light. Arrange them on their own in glass containers. Just remember to keep those candles unscented so they don’t interfere with your guests’ dining experience.


Clockwise from top: Craft Hubs, Plain Good Sense, & Onelowell.net


Got some extra ornaments from tree decorating? Toss them in a pretty bowl or vase or even hang them on branches or a mini tree. It’s a great way to spread the holiday cheer from your tree to your table.

easy holiday centerpieces

Left to Right: Skroutzondeck Design, Mcgore.com, & Cheap Crafty Mama


Whether it’s a poinsettia, a single amaryllis or another seasonally available flower, keep it simple and you’ll have an elegant arrangement that’s perfect for the holidays.

easy holiday centerpieces

Left to Right: Julie Blanner,  Neon Happy, & Versehead.com


Cranberries, nuts, and fruits – you can find them in your cabinets or refrigerator and they make beautiful festive arrangements. Lay them on a plate or in a pretty glass container.

easy holiday centerpieces

Clockwise from Left: Black Spruce Hound, Versehead.com, & The Produce Lady

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